Protection Packages

Molecular Adhesion Paint Sealant

This cutting-edge technology raises the bar and delivers a well-protected, showroom-like finish, with minimal maintenance. This professionally applied sealant will prevent environmental issues such as acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and fading from permanently damaging your paint. Our custom-tailored paint sealant formula adds both a high gloss and a long-lasting protective coating that leverages the power of “Molecular Adhesion” technology, which will seal in the brilliance of the latest new vehicle finishes.

Fabric Protection

Cleaning your car’s upholstery is one thing; protecting it is another. This quality fabric protection is designed to repel and release spills that would ordinarily stain. Accidental spills can be easily wiped clean without staining. Despite its great strength, there is no sacrifice to the softness, texture, or appearance of the interior fabric.

Leather & Vinyl Protection

This interior protection not only softens and preserves the vehicle’s leather and vinyl; it enhances the appearance by replacing natural nutrients dried out by the sun. This rich, proprietary formula guards against cracking and fading and helps to ensure the long-lasting beauty and value of your new vehicle.

Undercoating/Sound Shield

This protective barrier shuts out water, grime, and salt while adding a sound-deadening property that helps reduce outside noise inside the cabin. This additional insulation also helps keep cars warmer in winter and cooler in summer. Dense and durable, this coating permeates cracks and crevices and stays put to give each vehicle a lifetime of protection against undercarriage rust and corrosion.