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  • Gerry Reust
    General Manager

    Gerry Reust started with First Team in 1986 and is currently the President/GM of First Team Toyota. He was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and currently resides in Chesapeake with his wife, Linda. He has four daughters:  Jody, Tina, Jennifer and Amanda, and 6 grandchildren. He is also an active member of WAVE Church in Virginia Beach and loves to play golf and go to the movies. His favorite movies are Rudy and Remember the Titans. Gerry also loves to cook on the grill on the weekends for his family and friends. One of his favorite things is to help people get what they want!

  • Ken Woodworth
    Used Car Manager

    Ken Woodworth, Used Car Manager for First Team Toyota, lives in Chesapeake with his wife Bunny.  Before entering the car business, Ken served the United States Army.  He and his wife have 7 lovely children, two girls and 5 boys.  Outside of work, his time is spent golfing, being with family, going to church and cheering on the Broncos.

  • Stephanie Scales
    Customer Relations Manager

    Stephanie Scales has been with First Team since May 2001 and Customer Relations Manager since 2008.  She lives in Portsmouth with her husband, Brandon, and son, Isaiah.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, listening to music and taking pictures.

  • Clinton Johnson
    E-Commerce Manager

    Clinton was born in Goochland, VA. He moved to Hampton, VA in 1995 and has lived in Virginia Beach since 2009. He graduated from Hampton University in 1999. He first got into the car business when he raced motorcycles and was drag racing. He got invited to First Team by Joe Gardner in 2012. When he is not at the dealership, he enjoys motorcycle racing and drag racing. The most interesting thing about Clinton is that he is a food fanatic.

  • Debbie Tyson

    Debbie was born in South Hill, VA and moved to Portsmouth, VA in 1960. She lives with her husband Daryl Tyson and has 2 kids named Wendy and David. She first got started in the car industry as a customer of Bill Lewis Parts and applied in 1978. When not working at the dealership, Debbie enjoys going to Williamsburg and spending time with her family.

  • Ron Jones
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    Ron Jones got his first job working in a restaurant, but later owned his own shoe store.  Randy Morris, with First Team Automotive, later recruited Ron into the car industry.  In his spare time, Ron enjoys reading books and watching football.

  • Bartley Barefoot
    Sales Consultant

    Bartley was born in Virginia Beach, VA and has lived there since 1974. He lives with his girlfriend and has a Beagle named Ruby. Bartley graduated from ODU in 2008.

  • Michael Varnell
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    Mike Varnell's first job was a laborer at a plant nursery.  He was drawn to join the car industry because meeting new people is something he really likes.  Selling a superior product, namely Toyota, helped him first learn about First Team.  His free time is spent freshwater fishing with his son and watching the Chicago Bears, his favorite team.

  • Clarence Johnson
    Sales Consultant

    Clarence has been a sales consultant with First Team since 2010.  He and his wife, Deborah, have 3 sons named Marvin, Philip and Carlton.  He was born in Suffolk but currently resides in Chesapeake.  His favorite hobbies include: reading the Bible, listening to gospel/R&B/classical/jazz music.  His favorite movie is Passion of the Christ and in his spare time he enjoys landscaping, woodworking and gardening.

  • Mike Mccoy
    Sales Consultant

    Mike Mccoy has worked in sales since 1993 and started with First Team in 2011.  Prior to his sales career, he spent a few years in the US Coast Guard.  He lives in Chesapeake with his wife Anne and daughters Grace and Emily.  He enjoys spending time with his family at their beach house, playing golf and watching movies.

  • Tom Brady
    Sales Consultant

    Tom Brady has been with First Team since July 2011 and is originally from Portsmouth, Virginia.  Tom lives in Chesapeake with his wife, Tricia, and their three children; Ryan, TJ and Hailey.  In Tom's spare time, he likes to go fishing, the beach, the gym and having cook-outs.  He also enjoys water-sports and volleyball.

  • Chris DeMaar
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    Originally from South Florida, Chris DeMaar entered the auto industry as a detailer in 2007.  Excited about the construction of the new First Team Toyota, Chris decided to join our team in early 2009.  After working as a service technician for nearly 2 years, he decided to move to the sales floor to be able to interact with customers one-on-one.  Through his hard work, he earned First Team Toyota's Salesperson of the Year award for 2011 and joined First Team's Society of Senior Sales Executives for 2012.  In his spare time, Chris loves to work on cars and relax on the beach.

  • Scott J. Gallagher
    Sales and Leasing Consultant

    A happy employee of First Team, Scott is originally from Chatsorth, California.  Though he only got into the car business in July 2010, he has quickly learned that the most important thing at First Team is teamwork.  His free time is spent with his kids and working on cars, while his favorite music genres are rock, rap and R&B.

  • Tom Vest
    Parts Director

    Tom Vest has been with First Team since 1996 and Parts Director since 1998.  He has one daughter, Angela, and lives in Newport News.  Born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, he grew up in Land O'Lakes, Florida.  He's an avid race fan and has rode motorcycles for 38 years.




  • Tina Digmann
    Parts Specialist

    Tina Digmann has worked at First Team since March 2008.  She lives in Portsmouth with her husband David and has children Niki and Cody.  Her hobbies include entertaining at her house, cooking and hanging out with friends.

  • Ken Fortune
    Parts Specialist

    Ken Fortune has worked in the automotive field for 25 years and with First Team since 2003.  He currently resides in Norfolk and enjoys reading, history and cars.

  • Dawn Mosley
    Parts Specialist

    Dawn Mosley has been in the automotive industry for 27 years and worked for First Team since 2008.  She has two sons:  Douglas and Andrew.  During her spare time she enjoys watching movies, especially "Wild Hogs", listening to country music and going to the beach.

  • Neil McClanan
    Service Director

    Neil McClanan has been with the company for over 22 years and Service Director for the last 6.  Originally from Currituck, North Carolina, he now resides in Moyock.  He and his wife Amy have 2 sons, Jake and Josh.  His hobbies include spending time with his loving family, mud racing, dirt-circle racing and camping.

  • Anita Sawyer
    Assistant Service Manager

    Anita Sawyer, Assistant Service Manager to the Silver Team, has been with First Team Toyota since August 2007.  She has been in the automotive industry for over 11 years.  Anita loves to spend time with her family including son Daniel and daughter Vickie, friends and pug Marley-Bob.

  • Nic Scott
    Assistant Service Manager

    Nic was born in Newport News, VA. He lives with his family and attends Christopher Newport University. His parents got him into the car industry. He first became a member of First Team by working in retail and wanted a change of scene in April of 2012. Outside of the dealership Nic enjoys working on cars and spending time with his family, his girlfriend, Brittany and his pug.

  • Sherri Woody
    Assistant Service Manager

    Sherri was born in Warwick, NY. She moved to Virginia in 1987 and lives in Couurtland, VA since 2008. She lives with Steven and has 2 children, Casey and Karli Rayne. Sherri got started in the car industry when she started as a cashier then moved forward. In July of 2013, she became a member of First Team when a friend referred her. Outside the dealership, she enjoys spending time with her family and playing softball. The most interesting thing about Sherri is her outgoing personality.

  • Brian Steele
    Assistant Service Manager

    Brian Steele, assistant service advisor, started working for First Team Toyota in January 2012.  He enjoys spending time with his girlfriend Alexx and friends.  His other hobbies include listening to music, playing video games and playing the guitar.

  • Amanda Styer
    Service Assistant

    Amanda was born in Danville, PA. She moved to Chesapeake, VA in 1998. She lives with her parents and has 1 son named Cameron. She graduated high school in 2006. Amanda first got into the car industry as a service cashier. She became a member of First Team when her father, in November of 2011 became a technician. When not working, she enjoys spending time with her son. The most interesting fact about Amanda is that she loves to cook and color with her son

  • Jim Robinson
    Shuttle Driver

    Jim was born in Logan County, WV and moved to Portsmouth, VA in 1951. He lives by his self and has 3 boys named Chuckie, John, and Jim Jr. He got into the car business looking for a 2nd job career in driving. Jim became a member of First Team when he applied for a job to deliver auto parts in 2007. When not at work, Jim enjoys gardening and spending time with his family. An interesting fact about Jim is that he cares about people.

  • Sharon Corey
    Body Shop Director

    I came to First Team as the Collision Shop Manager in September of 2007. Prior to that, I was a Collision Shop Manager at another facility for 12 years. I was born in Portsmouth, VA and now reside in Suffolk, VA with my husband, Chris, of 10 years, and 2 children; daughter, Sydney and son, Ryan.  When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family, attending my children's sporting events, running and anything that has to do with the sun.

  • Becky Tatum
    Collision Office Manager

    Becky was born in Virginia Beach, VA and moved to Portsmouth in 2003. She live with my husband Craig Tatum and has 1 daughter named Hayley. In 2002, Becky graduated from Floyd E. Kellam High School. She got into the car industry by starting off as a receptionist and working her way up. Becky became a member of First Team when an opportunity was given to her to work in the body shop in February of 2009. When not at the dealership, Becky loves to bowl and hang out with her daughter. She loves making new friends

  • Leigh Ann Crawford
    Collision Receptionist

    Leigh Ann was born in Portsmouth, VA and has lived in Carrollton, VA since 2011. She lives with her fiancé Michael. She graduated high school in 2005. She got into the car business because a friend referred her. When not at the dealership, Leigh Ann enjoys playing softball and bowling.

  • Lara Ramon
    Collision Estimator

    Lara moved to Virginia Beach in 2010. She got into the car industry through progressive. Lara became a member of First Team in 2011 because Sharon hired her aboard.

  • John O'Halloran
    Collision Estimator

    John was born in Germany then moved to Oklahoma in 1984 and has lived in Chesapeake since 1986. He lives with his wife Emily and has 1 daughter named Lily. He graduated from high school in 1998.  He started in the car business in the body shop in 2001. He became a member of First Team in 2007. Outside the dealership, he enjoys spending time with his family.

  • Duane Minnick
    Collision Estimator

    Duane was born in Fairlawn, VA. He moved to Virginia Beach in 2007. He lives with his wife Amy and has 2 children, Savannah and Lylah. Duane graduated from Tidewater Community College. He got started in the car industry when he had his first job at a small body shop in Radford, VA in 1995. In 2013, he became a member of First Team through an insurance company. Outside of the dealership, Duane enjoys hunting and being a member of the NRA Sanctioned shooting club. The most interesting thing about him is that he used to be a firefighter.

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